You will testify because you are a witness

You can deny that you are a witness, or act like you don't know,  don't care or don't understand. That does not make you're not a witness. You witness the day and the night, you witness the sun and air you breath. Yet you still doubting.  This blog is testifying before those who of you are still unsure or who don't believe Jesus Christ is Mighty God. You are now a witness whether you believe or not, one day you will have to testify before Jesus Christ. The bible say he is the one who is going to just everyone. This blog is all about Jesus is the Might God, He humbled himself to live just like man, He left all He has to show a kind of love the world has not known. A love between a bird and fish. It's impossible for human to believe that God all powerful will go that low. Everyone is made to believe that God is so power, he would snap his finger and resolve the issue of man. If Jesus Christ did, no one would believe at all. One of the best thing we learn from God. Love can not be manifest without a palpable manifestation. Even the serpent of old thought could not understand as wise as he was. He thought God was going to come with army to defeat him but Emmanuel came as man defeat him by laying his life down for the ones He loves. This is my speculation, I think hell is the worst the devil the devil prepare for God children that is going to turn out for him and God will intensify  so he pays for all the trouble he has caused to God's people. The wisdom of the Old serpent has been corrupted. The devil shall be consume of his own fire and the all trouble he has caused God's people will accumulate to come back to him in uncountable fold. Be ready to testify one day, you hear and read the word of God, you see the day and the night, you breath the free air of God. You witness and see all that but you still not believe. You will testify one day because you witness all that. As long as you breathing, you are welcome to come to him. Stop doubting, believe in Him with all your heart.