Who is Jesus Christ

Let’s leave the religious beliefs aside , let’s go straight to the Bible, the word of God. The bible talks about only one God almighty, not two or three gods.  Jesus Christ is that God almighty and eternal Father the book Isaiah talked about it. His name is Emmanuel which means God with us.It was hard for humanity for understand that God almighty would have such humility in his great love. It's so far beyond human's ability to understand that God would come down and live among us. The doubt and unbelief are not a surprise. Even some of his closest followers did not believe him. In fact, that is the main reason the religious leaders hand him over to killed because of his claims. Remember there No one has ever lived a sinless life like him. no one has ever conquer death with own power. His claims proved his deity. A lot people want to know  him stumble on account knowing who he really is. 

People come and die yet Jesus Christ lives on. He defiled the law of the nature, the law of men could not sway Him. Satan could not stop him. Death could not destroy Him. The grave could not hold Him. He lives for ever more.