THE STORY OF CREATION;The story of creation is the story about life. It is a story about the one who is bold enough to claim that He is the resurrection and life. With only a  word out of His mouth, He spoke to resurrect what was dead and gave it all life. This is one of the biggest mysteries. God spoke and there was. He used faith to speak on things that were not to make them what they are. Our little human brains try to understand something that is way too big for them to understand.
We spend a lot of time and energy wondering how our world came to be, but here in the bible, we find the answer. The answer is God.
God created the earth and everything in it and made man in His image. Instead of simply believing in the word, we try to understand the complexity of just how he did it. It is clear that God did create all life. Jesus states in the new testament that He is life. In the same way, He spoke by faith and created everything that we enjoy today, we are to act on faith and believe in him with all our heart. His name is Emmanuel. He is the life, and He is the source of every living creature. It is hard for us to believe that GOD himself would take on flesh in order to show love, but He did because he loves us so much. Without God, you can not truly love as we are called to do with an unselfish love, a sacrificial love. He is the source of everything that we need.