Shadow pictures of Jesus in the old testament

When you read the old testament you see so many shadow pictures of Jesus. Here are a few examples:

1) Hosea- Hosea was a righteous man-call by God to marry a harlot. This is a shadow picture of Jesus and his covenant with the lost tribes of Israel. Not the house of Juda but of the other 10 tribes of Israel. Hosea is a shadow picture of Jesus and the harlot is the 10 northern tribes of Israel that fell away from God to go and worship false gods. It is a picture of how much Jesus loves us. How unconditionally he loves us. How he loves us even when we are unfaithful and never gives up on us.

2)Ruth- The story of Ruth is another shadow picture. Ruth represents the tribes of Israel that have fallen away from God to serve false gods. Jeremiah 3:8 " Judah saw that I sent unfaithful Israel away because of her adultery and I gave Israel her bill of divorcement..." According to scripture, God divorced the House of Israel and according to his own law could not bring her back to him. After a man divorces a woman, and she marries another man, he can not re-marry her. This is what happens to the house of Israel. He divorced her and the people in the House of Israel went and worshiped other gods. God so much love these people that he wanted them to come back but could not remarry them himself. Boaz - represents Jesus. He is the redeemer kinsman. He came as a man but was fully God and died. When he died it fulfilled the law and the people we able to come into the new covenant with Jesus.

3) Sacrifice - these are explained so in-depth in the old testament so that you understand how Jesus died. Timing - All the sacrifices we did on Passover the 14th of Nissan. Animal -The animal must have been flawless (Jesus represents the flawless lamb). It must be brought to the Pharisees to be inspected and they will say three times that the lamb is flawless before it is able to be slaughtered. This is represented by Pontius Pilate when he said three times that he found no fault with Jesus. They had to have this trial at night while everyone was asleep. The lamb was tied to the stake at 9 am. So Jesus was accused and beaten and on the cross by 9 am. The lamb would be slain and the blood would be taken by the priest to the alter. This ritual was finished by 3 pm. At the end, the priest would call out " It is Finished". Jesus died at 3 pm and when he did he called out " It is Finished". He went through the same process as a lamb being offered for sacrifice would go through. The lamb during this ritual was not to have any broken bones and when they took Jesus off the cross, none of his bones were broken.

He is the sacrifice for all mankind. I pray that you accept what he has done for you and surrender your life to him.