Jesus was killed because he was claiming Himself to be God

Jesus Is the Mighty God;One of the reasons why Jesus died, was because He was claiming to be God. Based on the story of the gospel, Jesus was killed because he was claiming to be God, according to scroll masters. The religious leaders couldn’t tolerate a mere man claiming to be God. They were scholars of the Tora (first 5 books of the bible) and if they really did spend all their time reading and studying the word of God, they should have known who Jesus was. They liked their station in life, the riches and luxury, and control over people that it allowed. If they truly did not know who Jesus was or believe that he was the Messiah, they did as least know that his name is Emmanuel which means God is with us. They were afraid that He might come into power and rule over them, not because of what he was doing but because of what he was saying. Some of the religious people were not serving God the right way, but they were trying to protect the name of God. They were against anyone who defiles the name of God. Jesus claiming to be God was the biggest blasphemy. It's like a thief that steals but he does not tolerate anyone else who steals because he knows stealing is not good. That's why Jesus called them hypocrites. They wanted to protect their position to tell people what to do while they did do none of what they were telling other people to do. Jesus was a threat to them not only because he exposed their wrongdoing but because Jesus was claiming to be God. That went against the core of what they believed. They could not believe that God would come down in human flesh. It was so hard for them to believe God would come down and sit and eat with sinners. There were different people that made attempts to kill him before his time, but they could not. When the appointed time came, they were able to come and illegally arrest him at night. After he was arrested, they demanded him to be crucified. They knew he had the power to raise dead. They made sure they put guards at the tomb to watch him so he stayed dead. 

Fortunately, the grave could not hold him, and the guards were trembling in fear, and in order to keep the guards from talking about the incident, the bible tells us they paid them a lot of money.  Jesus Christ is alive forevermore.