Authority to forgive sin

No mere human being has the power to forgive sins, yet Jesus clearly claimed it. Even in the presence of the doctors of the law (Pharisees). At that time, they called him a blasphemer. There was so much in the word that Jesus is God. The Pharisees knew who he was but loved their status and authority over others. Please stop doubting and believe.
For God to become flesh and live among us, is a mystery. You can only believe it by faith. Stop leaning on your own understanding. For reference, it's in Mark 2:1-12 ( Matthew 9:1-8; Luke 5:17-26). Four men carried a paralytic man to Jesus. Since they could not get near Jesus, the men went up on the roof, removed the covering, and let the man down through the roof to Jesus (Mark 2:2-4; Luke 5:18,19). Jesus told the man to cheer up because his sins were forgiven. This is just one of several occasions during Jesus' lifetime in which He claimed the power to directly forgive sins simply by speaking. Cf. Luke 7:48,49; 23:43. the love of Jesus is unstoppable, incomprehensible, and never failing. Believe me, there is nothing that you can do in this lifetime that you make you unlovable by God. He can forgive even the most unthinkable things. He is not human so please do not put Him in a box or bring Him down to our level. The love, hope, understanding, peace, and joy that you will find in Him is greater than you could ever imagine. Finding Jesus and having a relationship with Him doesn't mean that you will never have problems or go through things, but the way you handle things and the way you look at them will change. You will begin to see that no matter what the evil one throws at you, God will turn it around and you will be good. I know from experience. The evil one attacks us constantly but we know now that God has us in the palm of his hand and everything always works out. We pray and take our authority against the evil one and his dominions and leave the rest for God.